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Our staff can create a completely custom design, logo, or image for your business, team, or event. Simply provide us with a verbal description or sketch to use as a starting point. We will do the rest, working with you each step of the way, to ensure your custom design is exactly how you envisioned it. 


Machine embroidery is an embroidery process whereby a sewing machine or embroidery machine is used to create patterns on textiles. It is used commercially in product branding, corporate advertising, and uniform adornment. Here at Livin’ on a Prairie we use it to decorate custom garments and apparel, bags, home décor, and accessories. There are always limitations with stitching certain materials, or how some things just cannot be stitched due to the material itself. Also, some artwork is simply to intricate to sew out. We recommend altering some logos that use blended colors to stitch solid colors to be able to represent the logo itself while maintaining the quality of the stitching. We will attempt any design to test it for the customer, but keep in mind it may not be up to par applied to certain products. Our in house staff digitizes (turning a vector into stitches) most embroidery designs, but on some occasion the file may need to be outsourced depending on the complexity of the design itself. Outsourcing designs will incur a digitizing fee passed onto the customer. 


HTV is a specialty vinyl material that is used to decorate or personalize T-shirts, garments, and other fabric items. HTV contains a heat-activated adhesive backing, which allows the vinyl to permanently transfer to your garment when heat pressed with sufficient time, temperature, and pressure. By using a vinyl cutter, you can cut digital designs into the vinyl and then transfer those designs onto your T-shirt or garment using a heat press. The result is impressive, high-quality custom garments with exceptional durability as well as look and feel. One of the great things about heat press vinyl is that there are so many different varieties of colors and finishes - glossy, matte, flock, stretchy, glow-in-the-dark, glitter HTV - you name it! No matter what project you have got, there is an HTV that is perfect for it.


Direct to Garment, or DTG printing, is a process by which a digital image is printed directly onto your apparel using cutting edge printing technology and inks. This process allows us to print any quantity order with highly detailed full color designs at an affordable price. DTG printing does not adhere to certain fabric blends, but we assure you that we can help you find a product that will produce a vibrant, long lasting image for your product.


Sublimation printing is one of the most common ways to print images onto synthetic fabrics and materials – and for good reason. Not only does the digital print come out crisp, clear, and colorful, but the image will virtually never fade. Furthermore, sublimation printing is cost-effective for small batches, making it a favorite printing technique for personalized apparel like t-shirts and trinkets like mugs. Sublimation printing only works on plastic substrates, like polyester fabric, rubber, and household plastics.


Screen printed transfers are simply ink printed on a release paper for easy application. All you need is a heat press to decorate apparel and accessories. Using screen printed transfers gives you versatility, because you can apply them to a variety of fabrics. There are transfer types to suit your customers’ needs if you are printing on nylon jerseys, cotton, and poly athletic wear or 100% cotton t-shirts.


Sign vinyl is a material which is backed with adhesive that can be applied to different surfaces, it is much like a very large sticker. You can apply sign vinyl to vehicles, windows, walls and a wide range of different flat or curved surfaces. Sign vinyl has two adhesive options, permanent and removable. These adhesion options are something to consider, depending on the surface in which you plan to adhere your decal to.